Vincent Ritter

Following up to Manton's post on the new version for beta 3 on iOS, here are the changes:

  • Better progress indicator for images that are uploading.
  • Added dedicated bookmarks tab.
  • Better delete wording, when tapping on an image in the post editor, when image is still uploading.
  • When images are still uploading, but the "Post" button is pressed, it will show a warning saying images are still uploading.
  • Fixed a layout issue in the account switcher when more than 2 accounts are available.
  • Fixes an issue when tapping a link in a post, that should go to the "Account" section of Previously it opened a conversation view. Now it opens the external browser with the URL - note that you should first be logged in to open the correct page.
  • Adds dynamic font scaling to the timelines.
  • Adds support for editing and deleting replies (currently editing replies might not work... I'm looking into it).
  • Fixes an issue when the reply screen sometimes doesn't show the username you're replying to.

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