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The silence of the blog

Eagle eyed readers may have noticed I've been taking a short break from general blogging.

This has been a long time coming and slowly bubbling away inside of me. That small redesign I made to my site has a lot to do with a slightly renewed direction.

Blogging started for me mainly because of When public registration started, I signed up. Shortly thereafter I started blogging about a project I was building... and I enjoyed it.

Fast forward a few years, and I accumulated over 3,600 posts. Small compared to some, but a lot for me.

But then it dawned on me. I was over sharing. There was a lot of noise. Some things were incredibly open about very personal things. A lot of things were also a lot of "hot takes" and some other random junk.

So I just stopped 2 weeks ago, just before I started with tweaking my homepage. Not going to lie, the temptation to just blog something meaningless and random was hard.

Part of that redesign process included disabling over 2500 posts on my blog that were not tied to a particular dev project. Probably bad for "SEO", you say? – I don't care about SEO.

There are more things I've been doing that involve my "online" life. But I won't go into that.

A few years ago I told myself that I will stop being socially online once I "made it". Now that's a real pretentious thing to say to myself, and probably do. Having "made it" can be different things. So how do I define it personally? A question that was answered one day, when I woke up, and my inner voice just said – "this is good enough".

You see, I love working on things behind the scenes. I love it because I get to touch a handful of people's lives in a meaningful way. I don't need to blog about it... all I need to do is bring myself and deliver what I do. That's it.

It's simple. I love touching peoples lives through my code. That might be directly through my products, or code that you don't see and perhaps use without knowing. And I don't need confirmation of big user numbers to feel a sense of achievement, nor do I need follower counts to claim my "status".

With everything going on, I want to help out the people I work with directly, and concentrate on that going forwards ( and others), I want to keep writing my little side projects, because they're fun. And yes, I'll probably blog about those every-now-and-then.

I am happiest when I open my code editor and create something. I am happy that whoever I work with is happy with the results... and I am happy when those results speak and get in the hands of a handful others (maybe just used internally, who knows).

So, what am I getting at is that I am taking a break from sharing personal things on my blog. It's been hard the past 2 weeks, but I am here.

I'll continue blogging about my projects. It's where it all started. I'll be sharing personal things with my closer family, but nothing publicly.

I am still here, just sitting at my computer, writing or coding. Or maybe I am not here... enjoying some quiet time with no obligations to share or post about it. Enjoying the moment. The simple joy of life. Just being.

Hey, and at the end of the day, a little less garbage on the internet isn't a bad deal ✌️❤️

Thanks as ever for reading, and I'll see you next time in a dev update.

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