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Introducing the Tinylytics Webring

This morning I worked on adding webring functionality to tinylytics and any site that’s active can opt in.

I wanted to add another fun little side thing and teased about this a few weeks ago… and here we go.

It’s basic right now and works very similar to everything you’re used to already (kudos, hit counter, etc).

Getting started is easy, just go to your site settings (select “edit…”) and then scroll to the Webring section. Tick the box and save. And that’s all there is to it.

That’ll trigger an email to myself to review the site and then allow it to show up in the webring.

It’s limited to personal sites only, so I won’t be able to accept any business websites, or service sites (like tinylytics, shoutouts and others).

It’s very important that sites are vetted to avoid abuse of this feature, and to avoid gaming the system.

Just want to keep it fun and light.

This feature just rolled out, and there is no documented way of surfacing the webring just yet on your site. That’s by design as I want to get a few sites up and running first so that we have a good sample size.

Later this week I’ll document how to get a random site shown from the webring.

It’s designed to be super light and fast, so it’ll always just get one randomly selected site to link to, and that’s it.

Here’s to random encounters. They make the world go around ❤️

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