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analytics for small websites

tinylytics is designed for small websites, like personal blogs or side projects. It's ephemeral in nature, easy to use, and gives you just the right amount of data, without fuss whilst keeping things fun (like an old school hit counter on your site).

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Some minor cosmetic changes to the account screen on tinylytics this morning. Nothing major as I don't have enough brain space.

Before (with the big logo) and after shots.

Hope to flesh this whole section out more and add data export options (and more stuff).

Yesterday I sent out the third "monthly" newsletter for tinylytics. Here it is, if you'd like to read it. I missed last month 😅

Just added a little feature to tinylytics allowing you to pin your favourite sites to the top of the list. So if you have a lot of them, but are interested in only a few main ones, they will always show up first.

I've improved the speed of collecting hits for tinylytics this morning. This is just a minor little change that basically just moves the hit collection to a background task, instead of doing it during the request. Happy with that, and you will probably not notice the difference 😋

For paid subscribers on tinylytics, I've added an experimental option to enable unique hit collection for a site. It's opt-in.

It will generate a random id when the script is fetched and stores it on a temporary basis for the session and will use it together with the hit collector.

One more fun thing for tinylytics, you can now embed the countries that have visited your site, in emoji form. Check out the documentation on how to get started.

I added an option to delay your public stats page data by one day in tinylytics.

Adding something new to tinylytics soon, can you guess what it is? Only test data you see here btw 😄

Tinylytics embed option showing a hit counter, the webring and some flags (hint)

Maybe I shouldn’t subscribe to the “subscription cancelled” emails 😅 Fair few the last few days.

Just added the tinylytics webring documentation so you can embed the webring to your site. If you want to read more about the webring go here.

I've got the tinylytics webring functionality built into my site and it works a treat.

Will get documentation into place tomorrow or Wednesday, or feel free to poke at the HTML 😉

Thank you all for submitting your sites so far (I've added them all) ✌️❤️

Introducing the Tinylytics Webring

This morning I worked on adding webring functionality to tinylytics and any site that’s active can opt in.

I wanted to add another fun little side thing and teased about this a few weeks ago… and here we go.

It’s basic right now and works very similar to everything you’re used to already (kudos, hit counter, etc).

Getting started is easy, just go to your site settings (select “edit…”) and then scroll to the Webring section. Tick the box and save. And that’s all there is to it.

That’ll trigger an email to myself to review the site and then allow it to show up in the webring.

It’s limited to personal sites only, so I won’t be able to accept any business websites, or service sites (like tinylytics, shoutouts and others).

It’s very important that sites are vetted to avoid abuse of this feature, and to avoid gaming the system.

Just want to keep it fun and light.

This feature just rolled out, and there is no documented way of surfacing the webring just yet on your site. That’s by design as I want to get a few sites up and running first so that we have a good sample size.

Later this week I’ll document how to get a random site shown from the webring.

It’s designed to be super light and fast, so it’ll always just get one randomly selected site to link to, and that’s it.

Here’s to random encounters. They make the world go around ❤️

Some quick tweaks to tinylytics this morning:

  • Tidied up the sites header area, which now includes a little info dropdown. Not so cluttered anymore. They link to the relevant setting section.
  • Added setting sections when editing the site so things are easier to find.

Ah yes, got the Paddle payout this morning 🥳

Oh and of course they charged me the "$15 SWIFT" fee which is only applicable in "some" countries. Go figure.

Yay, I can see 2 payouts from Paddle! Hopefully arriving tomorrow. Nice.