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analytics for small websites

tinylytics is designed for small websites, like personal blogs or side projects. It's ephemeral in nature, easy to use, and gives you just the right amount of data, without fuss whilst keeping things fun (like an old school hit counter on your site).

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As I'm developing Scribbles I wanted an easy way to ignore hits of logged in users, without having to do any trickery with adding an ignore via localStorage. The need for this came because a blog could have Tinylytics enabled, and if it was your blog, it would always register a hit β€” and like any good blogger you probably check your blog a lot. However, to avoid a full on block on hits across all sites on Scribbles (because you are nice and caring), the localStorage options is not really an option.

β€” A new custom way to ignore hits on Tinylytics

Now you can request the script in SPA friendly format which will give you some extra goodies! To get started, all you have to do is add the `spa` parameter to the script tag.

β€” Support for SPA (Single Page Apps) apps β€” Tinylytics Update Blog

OK, step one of getting the Tinylytics Update Blog ready for that article I'm supposed to write 😋

I need to concentrate on getting a written update out for something I shipped last week on Tinylytics. Also realise there wasn't an email update in some time β€” aiming for next week though. Tiny is working great for many and that makes me happy.

Don't want to brag, but this has been the uptime of tinylytics over the last ~6 months. I'd call that 100% πŸ˜… because in November it was a DNS issue with Cloudflare. Not bad. Gonna try and do the same this year and beyond πŸ’ͺ

If you're a Wordpress user, and also happen to be using Tinylytics (you should, if not 😋), then Jim has you covered with his excellent plugin that you can get here. Super excited!

Thank you Jim ✌️❀️

Tinylytics processed 1 million page hits back in mid December, and it just passed 1.5 million. I mean this is crazy. Thank you all that make it possible ✌️❀️

Made a few tweaks to tinylytics today, namely around performance of the list view when you have loads of sites with many hits. I'm monitoring how that looks in practice (so let me know).

Also, when you change your timezone, it'll attempt to set the next site report send time accordingly.

Installing Ruby 3.2.2 to the Tinylytics server and running some upgrades. Might affect uptime for a few minutes.

Tinylytics is gonna smash through 1 million combined page hits soon... and I'm gonna miss it as I have to go now haha. WOOOOOO!

Most likely will hit 1 MILLION page hits across all sites on tinylytics this week. Just want to say a HUGE thank you to all that use it ✌️❀️ You're all fantastic!

If anyone is using tinylytics and you wrote some nice words, or bad, please let me know. I'd love to add some testimonials to the homepage at some stage. I know it's still early days, but would love to hear from you:

If you have email stats enabled for your sites on tinylytics, it'll now use your timezone when calculating the next Monday at 09:00 AM. This will not work tomorrow, but will work for the next Monday, unless you disable and enable it again in your site settings.

Slowly starting a changelog for tinylytics too. Only did November so far and will make sure to populate the other months as I go.

Fixed an interesting issue where a "hit" was saved, on tinylytics, which then would run a little background process to update the lifetime country flag list as it was "created". Funny enough though, the hit was not yet fully created, so it failed at times... depending how quick things were 🤷‍♂️