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Pausing personal app (iOS & Android) development

Something has been brewing in my head for a while now, and it comes to this post. Now before you do panic, this won't affect the app, this is just my personal projects β€” not client projects. Got it? Yes? Good.

From today on I will pause pursuing any new app projects until some time in the future. That's iOS and Android only. Web apps are not affected by this at all. There were plans to look at making a few new apps, but I am holding for now.

The reason is easy, I just darn love building for the web. It's that easy. I love opening my code editor of choice, writing sublime code, and just publishing and have it live in an instant.

This is not the case for our gatekeepers. And I have no interest in it anymore. For now.

On top of ever changing regulations, Google now also require to verify the identity of your business and what not. I don't want any of that. Their developer tools are shit.

Apple on the other hand... sigh. I don't really fancy contributing to their dystopian future of VisionOS, so I'm out. Not to mention their gatekeeper control of what I can ship and not. No thanks.

I also think we're slowly transitioning to a phase where apps/services exist without an interface. AI first. Voice. I'd like to see where that goes within the next few years. I am actually more excited about that than anything else I've seen. So I'm watching.

However, the biggest reason for this is that I just LOVE, and I mean really LOVE, creating for the web. It's non biased to which platform, it works across a multitude of devices and most of all, I can build, ship, and re-iterate.

And that's exactly what I want. I just want to ship something great, without you having to download anything on a device, with no headache, with no stress of being "approved".

Let's go. All hail the browser 🫶

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