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It's that time of year again where I write a post like this.

January and February are always hard months and last year has been especially difficult because I had 6 months of nearly no income.

Before I go further though, I want to thank Manton over at for his continued support. He and Jean have been instrumental to keep me afloat as best as the MB budget allows! I cannot thank them enough ✌️❤️ I'm having a tonne of fun working on their apps, and hope to allocate more time here this year too.

Saying that, I created some of my own things after feeling somewhat powerless last year — even though at times I really struggle to work through that feeling that the next few weeks and months will be difficult.

I usually link to my own donation page on days like this, but this time, I want to ask you, if you use any of my service for free, to please consider a subscription.


Last year I created a simple and friendly analytics service for small websites because I wasn't happy with anything out there. It's called Tinylytics and it's free for your first 1,000 visits.

Tinylytics has been so surprising for me because a lot of folks like it, and have also subscribed 🤯 It's about to cross 2 MILLION page views across nearly all 900 sites... which just boggles my mind.

Whilst there is a generous free tier, it's $5 month or $50 per year. If you have the means, I ask you to please subscribe if you're able — it would really mean a lot. But it's totally OK if not.

If you want a 10% discount on the yearly, here is a coupon that's valid till the end of Feb: LOVEISINTHEAIR


Another fun project I started back a year ago, and a bit, was an easy way to get some shoutouts about stuff you love on your website without actually having to change code on your site. Those things can be anything like referral links or just stuff you sell yourself — really up to you. It's called Shoutouts.

Right now, there is just shy of 300 different shoutouts across 60 accounts. It's quite a niche little site, but it works well and is solid. You can see it on my own site and many others.

Pricing is $2/month or $20/year with a nice free plan for up to 3 shoutouts.

If you want a 50% discount on the yearly... yes... 50%! Use the LOVEISINTHEAIR coupon until the end of feb.


In March I'll be launching Scribbles, a super simple blogging platform for humans. Keep an eye out for that. Pricing to be announced soon.

Thank you

I want to also take time to thank every single person that has subscribed to one of the above, or that have donated their money in the past. Know that your continued support and your kind words of encouragement really mean a lot to me.

Without you, I do not know where I would be today.


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