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Gluon for

An app for both iOS and Android, built on React Native, for

Gluon is a highly opinionated, but customisable, cross platform app for Android and iOS for

If you’d like to find out more, please visit the Gluon website. Or keep scrolling to read the development blog.

With Gluon, you can do the following:

* Posting is available for hosted sites only. Posting to third-party blogs is coming soon.

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I'll be making fundamental changes to Gluon. That means I probably won't reply to any existing support requests (for bugs & changes) as everything will change. I will do my best to cover those points though.

Made a quick update to the Gluon App server that handles push notifications. Push notifications should come through a little quicker now.

I'm really sorry for missing push notifications in Gluon. They should have all come through now. Looks like the push service server crashed. I apologise if you got a lot of notifications! It was broken since the 7th of May! No one told me 😅

Ads in Gluon should be disabled now... so hopefully they should just disappear. I've got a small TestFlight update that removes them fully.

If you’re using Gluon, and like TestFlight builds, because you like to live on the bleeding edge (yes, like bleed air), then look no further.

Latest release is out, and contains… no more ads. They’re gone. Oh and some behind the scenes stuff.

More to come. Slowly.

Hello dear users of Gluon on iOS. I am happy to report that version 2023.1 is now released. There's a lot in this update, so head on over to the abbreviated release notes on the Gluon website.

Thank you to all ✌️❀️ Happy updating.

Gluon 2023.1 on iOS: "Pending Developer Release"

Ah damn, wanted to ship a few Artificially COMPUTER GENERATED icons for Gluon... like these ones:

"Waiting for Review". Goodnight peeps. Glad I finally pushed that button. Too long of a beta.

I've added the ability to reset and remove your extra Gluon based profile data. That'll reset it and also remove the data from edge storage. Should be up in the next TestFlight.

There were a few issues with the new Gluon feeds, for the TestFlight app (and also current ones). Which meant slow updates. Hope to have that resolved now after a few days of making a change in Bunny (was caching related).

Wonder what I was planning when I registered those domain names πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Fun aside... when I first created Gluon, I called it "Gluon Social".

There will also not be any timeline syncing anytime soon in Gluon. Work needs to happen on the end to make that happen. I can make it happen my end, but that's a lot of work for me. Would be a paid feature if I did it.

I'll be ripping out all the Gluon notification and profile "fun" options in the next build (probably). I need to do more work here to make it what I want. Also going to make it a paid option when it eventually ships.

Just a general shout out to say thank you for all the donations and general love that you're all giving Gluon ✌️❀️ It means a lot, and makes me want to get out of bed in the morning. Can't wait to ship the next update.