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Gluon for

An app for both iOS and Android, built on React Native, for

Gluon is a highly opinionated, but customisable, cross platform app for Android and iOS for

If you’d like to find out more, please visit the Gluon website. Or keep scrolling to read the development blog.

With Gluon, you can do the following:

* Posting is available for hosted sites only. Posting to third-party blogs is coming soon.

Project posts JSON/RSS Feed...

Rocking out Retro style 😍 Was testing link pasting and other bits.

Some notable tweaks coming to the Gluon posting text editor in the next TestFlight version for iOS:

  • [NITPICKY] Correct placement of single "**" or "_" when you tap the icon in the toolbar when inserting without having text selected/highlighted. Will switch to "B" or "I" when you have multi-selected text, which then wraps the word with the correct markdown.
  • [NEW] When adding links "[]()" it will now check if the clipboard has a web URL in it, if so it will insert it correctly in the link brackets.
  • [FIX] Fixed a few issues with text being cut off depending on where you have added formatting and other tweaks here and there.

Probably get this released tomorrow. Currently uploading, but am too tired to wait for processing.


New iOS TestFlight out for Gluon (Version 2022.3 Build 2), includes the following juicy fruit changes:

  • [FIX] Fixes layout issues on the reply screen when your reply goes over a million characters... or perhaps just enough to cause a scroll to happen. Now content scrolls nicely and you can actually see what you're typing. Kinda important.
  • [NITPICKY] On the reply screen, the conversation view now uses the same formatting as per "new" timeline items.
  • [NEW] Added a new font called "Retro". Give it a try. Make your eyes bleed and cry for help.

Previously (like yesterday):

  • [FIX] Sometimes images took up the whole height of the timeline item, and covering important bits like text and profile images. Now bits are no longer cover.
  • [NITPICKY] Tweaks to image loading for promoted content.

Retro vibes anyone?

Today is Gluon day. Gonna work on that new website I have been teasing about. If you'd like to add a review, good or bad (I'll be snarky if it's bad), let me know. And yeah, going to play around with some snark too - got some ideas.

Gluon has officially made it to a Relay FM podcast, Pen Addict #512 mark ~40:35 mins and onwards for a few seconds 😋🤩 Thank you @brad / @dowdyism for trying it out. If I could print the episode, I would frame it.

I'm now cross posting my dev diary posts for Gluon to the gluon account on It's experimental, but I like the idea to cross post relevant posts there also. If you don't like it, let me know.

Also have added the special #mbmay timeline link to Gluon. Find it in "Discover" -> "More" (top right) and you’ll see it featured. Long press to pin it to your discover timeline and it’ll auto update for you.

I have added the May 2022 Photo Challenge to Gluon and it’ll show up at the top of Discover with a prompt for each day. The new post icon will include your prompt if you start a new post straight there and then. Happy photo sharing 📸✌️

The Gluon Focus Challenge

Gluon, on iOS, shipped with a new Focus feature that gives you a little break from your timeline by disabling everything except mentions.

So I though, why not do a little challenge.

Starting May 1st, 2022, try to enable Focus Mode and stick with it for 7 days. So from Sunday to Sunday.

It's super easy to get started and for most you all you have to is navigate to your profile and you'll see the toggle at the top of it - just... toggle it.

Alternatively, head on over to the settings screen and find Focus mode (or you can tap on the "focus mode" text on the profile). Here you'll have a few options:

When Focus mode is enabled you have an extra options to hide all the tabs in the interface and only show mentions. Let's call this hardcore focus mode for now. Once toggled, Gluon will look like this:

Everything works as normal, except that you're only going to see your mentions. I think that's the best way to do it.

You can always toggle focus mode straight on your profile. Posting also works straight from the mentions screen.

So, what do you think? You're going to do it?

I will, and I welcome you to give it a try.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MICRO.BLOG MAY PHOTO CHALLENGE? Don't worry, it'll still be there and there will be a special section so you can see everything that was submitted. One thing I love about nothing disappears in the abyss.

Happy focusing 🧘‍♂️

Gluon version 2022.2 for iOS is fresh out of the oven. Get it whilst it’s fresh. Release notes here. Lots of great new stuff. ✌️❤️

Just submitted a new iOS build for Gluon for to the overlards (yes, lard... for fun). Some great new stuff that I should have shipped weeks ago. Next week I will work on a new website also.

Seriously thinking of adding an in-app subscription (yearly) option to Gluon. It’ll be totally optional. I’ve been looking at using RevenueCat (thank you to CoreInt)… they have good guides (unlike the mothership) and a React Native framework. $14.99 a year. Thoughts?

New Gluon iOS TestFlight coming out soon (Build 24).

  • [FIX] Fixes an issue with more posts being hidden than should have when you’re hiding replies on the main timeline. Also includes preparation for a new data point for this.
  • [NEW] Ability to hide avatars on timeline (Nitpicky).
  • [NEW] Ability to hide names on the timeline (Nitpicky).
  • [NEW] Adds an option to show if the post has any replies/mentions next to the date timestamp (Nitpicky).

Here is a quick preview of how those new ones look like combined.

This is what the long posts setting looks like in Gluon on the main timeline. Further down the line I will probably add an option to show a filter menu right there on the screen so it’s easy to toggle between them.