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Gluon for

A journey through space and time as I build a cross platform app for My first app for both iOS and Android.

If you’d like to join the iOS TestFlight beta you can use this link. Android beta will be announced soon.

I’m about to start another round of Gluon coding. Probably work on the “Following” screen or start work with adding replies. There are a few plans for Favourites and Discover, but they need to sit in my head a little longer.

Gluon was approved for public TestFlight a few hours ago 😃 There are many things on my plate and I'll do my best to ship regular updates. Whilst it doesn't look like much changed... everything has!

There are a few things still missing and I'm hoping to be in a good spot in a week or so. I'll also need to check the Android build and get that ready.

Initial Gluon 2.0 alpha release

I’m feeling a bit under pressure to release Gluon as the older TestFlight version has run out. So in an abnormal move, I’m just going to release what I have to my lovely TestFlight testers. Rather have that away from my mind so I can concentrate on other things too.

It’s far from complete and it has more features missing and many bugs compared to my last public build. However, it now has incredibly strong foundations for a great future (so I hope).

The coming weeks and days will be busy getting it ready with feature parity with the old build… so give me a bit of time to work on those.

Biggest things missing from this new build:

  • Replying (end of next week)
  • Account/Profile screen (end of week)
  • HTML feed (the posts, they still need tweaking and sometimes miss a few things - this week for trying to sort that)
  • Gallery view (maybe this weekend)
  • Post actions eg: reporting user, favour post etc (no timescale)
  • Discover categories (no timescale as I’m implementing a custom JSON feed for the categories, so I don’t have to push updates out when there are new things)

There’s probably more…

Android version will also be released in the coming weeks.

The last app build was between 22Mb and 26MB. This one is going to be ~5MB 🤩

It will hopefully hit your devices as soon as Apple review it:

Feedback is always welcome (

Added the conversation view to Gluon. Just uploading that to TestFlight. I'm thinking of releasing what I have (just for laughs). Unsure if I have to get Apple to approve the 2.0.0 increase first though. If it goes straight through... oh well, then everyone has an updated app 😋

Out of interest, if you use, how do you generally prefer to use Favourites on the platform or in an app? For example, I use them to refer back to someone later on or if I really really like something that I want to refer back to later. Please send me use cases 🥺

What would a great way to write this line shorter?

"Following 486 users you aren't following" - I know it's pretty much on point, just trying to think if that can be made shorter. "Following 486 unique users", "Following 486 other users". They all seem to miss the mark though.

I'm about to start another round of Gluon coding, so feel free to ignore my rapid fire posts. I'll be working on the conversation view and some other tweaks. Maybe I'll even do something totally different. I won't have too much time today as I also need to work on some actual client work 😋

Today’s plan is to add the Conversation view into Gluon. As a stretch goal I’ll also add the currently logged in User Profile view.

I fixed the profile view bug very early AM and added the “Follow/Unfollow” button on a profile. Pretty happy with that.

That would leave the reply functionality and image viewer. I’m hoping I get to that tomorrow.

There is also some work required on my HTML parser... as it’s not working as I want it to - it sometimes just misses part sentences and images.

This means that the next TestFlight should be ready for end of this week.