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Start your own blog in seconds, with a beautiful minimal theme and an amazing editorthat doesn't get in your way.

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"One manual step I was doing for a while now is set up domains for a Scribble blog.


Until today (well, yesterday)."

β€” Domain management on the Scribbles Update Blog

The one thing I totally underestimated with Scribbles is the amount of support I've been getting on various bits, although it's getting less as I've been building. Perhaps I make it an invite only product, so I can stop sign ups if things get too much 🤔 No need to take on the world.

Just a minor PSA that I'm rewriting the domains logic for linking up hostnames with your blogs on Scribbles. It allows for self service, and an interactive easy flow to get you all set up. But now I need to "resolve" the way I tie it up with your blog a little different. Stuff might break πŸ˜…πŸ˜¬

Thank you so incredibly much to everyone that believes in my work and signed up for a Lifetime Account on Scribbles. It really means so much to me ✌️❀️

The funds gave the project legs, and is sustainable for the immediate future!

Just sent out another 20 Scribbles invites ✌️❀️

I just enabled the Lifetime prices for Scribbles. Many of you have asked for more price points, so left you some options ✌️❀️

Now I just need some daring souls to give this a go πŸ˜‹πŸ«£

" you can back-up and export your blog when you so wish. Having access to your content when you want is paramount"

β€” Blog Exports on the Scribbles Update Blog

I took a little step back to think more about launching and what's important for Scribbles, especially on the feature set β€” I had many feature requests (some of which have been implemented).

β€” An update, launch date, plans and setting it straight on the Scribbles blog.

"It's been difficult for me to think about pricing for Scribbles considering its featured set, yet simplicity."

β€” Thinking about pricing on the Scribbles Blog

Let me know what you think ✌️❀️

"Last week I deployed a few changes and tweaks that would be helpful to customise your site even more β€” as usual I get a request for some of these, so it's always fun to get these in as long as they fit with the overall vision of Scribbles."

β€” On the Scribbles Update Blog 😋

OK, all remaining Scribbles invites have been sent out. One more email with questions to answer. Main questions right now:

  • Fediverse integration β€” nope, not happening. Use if you want that.
  • Markdown β€” for now, nope. I prefer simplicity over syntax. Many requests for this 🤔
In the last post I wrote about some stretch goals. Namely expanded posts on the homepage, title-less posts and an RSS feed for Explore. Well, guess what? Yeah, those are all done βœ…

β€” Expanded posts, title-less posts and explore tweaks on the Scribbles Update Blog

Scribbles is already pretty robust, but now it's time to work through my list that are essential for launch.

β€” Feature freeze as I get ready for public release on the Scribbles Update Blog

Also, the last batch of invites going out on Monday. And also... this allows me to concentrate on client work too 😅🫣

Link Me support is ready for you all under "Verification & Proofs" in your blog settings page. And it's super simple.

β€” Introducing link=me support on the Scribbles Update Blog

... also, slight spelling mistake there πŸ˜…

I wanted to follow up on creating pages in Scribbles with giving a slightly better overview of what your end result will be when you're in the editor.

β€” Editor tweaks and kudos emoji on the Scribbles Update Blog

This one was fun!