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Was great fun working on the initial categories feature for Scribbles over the past few days. That's now live. More to do of course, but super duper happy with this initial release. Also had some fun by doing some small "live" updates ✌️❤️

Coffee has been had. Now you have a Reply by Email option in Scribbles. Enter an email you're comfortable sharing and a link will appear at the bottom of each post, with a subject pre-filled.

Will flesh this out more as time goes. You can also find an override for the text that appears ✌️

One mini feature heading to Scribbles either tonight with my evening beer, or tomorrow morning with my coffee 🤓👨‍💻

Small itch I wanted to scratch for Scribbles... and live now, with a post coming later today or tomorrow... you can export any of your published posts straight to HTML or Markdown. Just go to your post and you'll see a new "archive" button in the header. Basic for now with nice filenames.

"Yesterday, after a request from Jason, I added support for Letterbird, a super nice service for embedding a contact form."

Letterbird Contact Form on the Scribbles Update Blog

To be fair to the early adopters of Scribbles, come April 1st (2024) I will be adding the new pricing — if you have registered before that date, you can still grab the Lifetime and also the special yearly. I'll have new monthly and yearly plans for new signups after the 1st ✌️❤️

"You see, my plan was to launch Scribbles on April 1st for anyone to register and get blogging — and you know, it's probably ready for it too.
I've been happy with onboarding everyone manually over the past few months, with great conversation happening at a personal level, and that got me thinking."

Thoughts on invite only on the Scribbles blog.

Feedback is very welcome. You know my email ✌️❤️

I did add some extra Nitpick settings to Scribbles last night — I'll write about them later this week. Plus I have one feature I am still working on, but it's there already — just needs some polish. You'll know what it is when you spot the setting 😋

"Late last week, thanks to Sticker Spotter, I worked on general improvements on handling posts with just images.
Next up I finally enabled a hidden option that allows you to show an image preview on your post list..."

Image previews option and tweaks on the Scribbles Update Blog

This morning I also added initial support for to Scribbles. It works pretty great with just the default embed and I added my own opinionated styles — but you can override that of course. Still a bit more to do here. Find it under "Statuslog & Shoutouts" in your blog settings.

A few weeks ago I rewrote the whole routing logic for blogs on Scribbles. Super proud of what I did and even redirects if you landed on an old Scribbles based URL... but I never wrote about it. Long story short... really happy with the way that works now. So good.

Added support for to Scribbles. Just head on over to your blog settings and add your "address" in the " & shoutouts" section. Shoutouts will come next week I reckon. Both will show in the footer.

Over the past week, I got a few requests about better handling image metadata, especially preserving colour space and the profile, so those images really pop and look great... and as intended.

Image metadata on the Scribbles Update Blog.

"Saying that, I covered in my last post about pricing that I will be introducing a discounted yearly closer to launch. That time is today."

An update on pricing and introducing a yearly on the Scribbles Update Blog

It's time ✌️❤️

Scribbles Explore is now available for anyone, no matter if you have an account or not. This was by design at the start, just so I could gauge how it will look like. Have a look and see what people are writing about 😀