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Sublime Feed

The first RSS feed reading service that's tailored for a more calm approach that doesn't make you want to scratch your eyes out. Embrace the FOMO and go with the flow of life.

Project posts JSON/RSS Feed...

Well, happy that the super duper basics of feed subscribing and background fetching works for Sublime Feed. Here is some super basic feed with Manton's and mine posts from the feeds ✌️ So much to do πŸ˜…

Just some minor tweaks to choosing a feed screen for Sublime Feed. It adds what type of feed it is and also does a better job of handling feeds that don't include the hostname (DF for example 😱) β€” not to mention missing titles (sigh). Anyway, good exercise. Looks nice.

I've got some basic feed fetching and subscribing logic done for Sublime Feed. Looks OK so far. It handles a feed URL and adds a subscription straight away. If it finds multiple feeds it will give you an option to choose it. I might add a "description" also if it exists. Now to grab posts... πŸ˜‹

And so it begins. Server set up and running. Deploys are working... now I just gotta actually start with some useful stuff πŸ˜‹

I guess I made a start to my feed reader. Copied across some basics from Scribbles... and it's up and running. Just need to fill in the blanks now πŸ€ͺ

For my next project I will be creating a feed reader, based on the look and feel of Scribbles, that doesn’t make you scratch your eyes out and doesn’t make you feel bad for β€œomg, you didn’t fucking read this yet???” 😬😜

I decided to let go of Sublime Feed for now. Considering already is a feed sync and reading service and recognising that I don't want to work on yet another thing, I think, for the time being, I'll let this slide.


Preliminary URL feed lookup checker for Sublime Feed. Happy this works. Onto the next task πŸ€—

A few minor tweaks to login and registration on Sublime Feed. Basically added full dark mode support. I know I get excited about this too much, but I always see it in the way of the user journey. Step by step.

Dark and light:

I'm cross posting Sublime Feed related dev diary posts to @sublimefeed on if anyone wants to follow there.

Sublime Feed: Dev Diary #1

Yesterday morning I started a new project of mine called Sublime Feed. It'll basically be a RSS feed reader and sync service (with an API).

Think Feedbin, Feedly and whatever else there might be. But this time I will put my own spin on it, on how I would like a service like this to behave and look.

I did intent to start with a "1 week to MVP" kinda challenge, but today I am sitting here thinking I will just take my time and slowly build this. Rather have something I am proud of.


On Monday I entertained the notion that it'll be built with Ruby on Rails. It's a framework I know and love. For reasons that I will not explain here, I actually chose to dive in and use Laravel instead. Shocking, yes. Am I surprised? Yes, kinda... but not really. It's an itch I wanted to scratch for some time, so here we are. Using Laravel has its own benefits too cumbersome to describe here.

With a Monday morning start in mind, I made a mistake early morning shortly after recording the podcast episode to go with it.

Long story short, my choice of breakfast really hindered me, and I was totally zoned out for most of the day. On the one hand though, I changed my mind on what framework to use.


The original holding page was built with Rails under the hood already. After a few trips to the Laravel website, and the documentation, I set up a new project.

Everything pretty much comes out the box, so I got TailwindCSS to work, which was super easy and I learned how to apply the correct markup so Laravel picks up any versioned files. Laravel uses Laravel Mix for asset generations, so I feel right at home.

I then copy and pasted my existing HTML and made a template. On the way I learned how layouts work in Laravel and "slots"... and you name it. It's great and I really like the way it works together. The last time I tried Laravel, we didn't have slots.

Next up was deploying, and I'm using Ploi for my own PHP related stuff already and it worked a treat without a problem, plus it supports Laravel out the box. It was super easy to get going. No drama... unlike Rails, it just works straight away.

With that working and my domains set up, amongst other few things, I wanted to work on login and registration. I certainly didn't want to re-invent the wheel so I just opted on using one of many great pre-built packages by Laravel called Laravel Breeze.

The great thing about Laravel Breeze was that it showed me the way on how to use "slots" and also how it goes about a few other templating things... Oh and of course it all just worked.

With a few hours spent with the templates and laying out a few things my way, and of course adding the correct translation strings, it was pretty much ready to go.

True, I spent a day on it, but it was good to learn and go through everything that was new to me. With that, we now have various things working:

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Password reset

Towards the end of the day I spent a few more minutes tidying up some templating stuff.

Wednesday morning

This morning I spent a few minutes making sure that new accounts verify their email before they can login after registration. It was easy enough and comes out the box with Laravel Breeze, with a tiny bit of set up required.

With that out the way and working, I started digging around rendering different homepages depending on the environment it's running on, for example "production" or "staging". This way I can show just a normal holding page in production, but have the actual homepage with login and registration working on staging.

My plan is to open up the test site before I push everything live... so I can get some feedback. However, sitting here now, I don't think I'll do it. I'd rather have people on the production site to avoid any headaches trying to re-add all their feeds.


I'm probably done for today. Next up I'd like to visit a slight home page tweak and then I'll start work with the "feed" screen after you're logged in.

I'll be heading over to Laracasts to help me on the way too, which is nice to do as I'm building something I am interested in.

All in all I am happy with the way it has gone the past few days. I do love to build and explore new things. I also like to take everything step by step and build it out as a user journey through the whole product... so it's nice to exercise that muscle again.

Till next time.

Guess Sublime Feed will be built with Laravel... πŸ€ͺ Here is an auth screen (all comes out the box, with tweaks from me πŸ‘). The main site now also runs on it... was using Rails before. Nothing like learning something new.

Thinking of doing a little code challenge this week, which I was supposed to start today. Let me know if you dear readers would be interested in Sublime Feed, a web based feed (RSS) reader and sync service. Already recorded a podcast this morning saying I'll do it 😋

Friday evening. So instead of playing a video game β€” I really don’t play at all anymore β€” I’m going to be dusting off an old project of mine. Much better game where my code and me are the story.