Vincent Ritter

So… after receiving much feedback about the feed position jumping on Gluon when it’s updated, when you’re at a random position in the timeline, I added a tweak that will now maintain the position if new items come in.

If you’re scrolled to the top, it will however maintain at the top. If you scrolled down by one item, it will keep the position no matter what and load everything in at the top.

I hope this solves some issues/annoyances that you’re having. It’s still very much a trial to see how my default options are working; I’m sure there is room for improvement.

Should have it in TestFlight during the week.

I don’t want to add any tabs at the top to indicate an “unread” count - I’ll think of something else like a small orange arrow or something. I personally don’t like unread counts or anything like that. Life is made too busy by numbers.

Room for improvement for sure.