Vincent Ritter

πŸŽ™ #49 - Stealing my own idea

Abstract Development

This week I talk about new things I worked on for Sublime Ads the past few weeks: Clients and Client portals for the PRO plan.

As I worked on it, I came to realise that there could be a much easier way to get started, so I’ve been working on something on the side.

Sunday was my day for and continued work on the app… including allowing to zoom the web view depending on your dynamic font size in iOS.

Overall just a quick update and more on it later.

Recorded October 25th, 2022



  • [00:00] - [03:10] - Intro & Sublime Ads
  • [03:10] - [07:37] - Stealing my own idea
  • [07:37] - [08:31] - & Bye 👋

Duration: 00:08:31

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