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Weeklog — June 14th, 2024

Welcome back to another weekly log of everything I've been up to. Last week was my first attempt at this, so let's see if I get better at it. Know that I changed my mind on dating these, and will just use the date I wrote it. The truth is, is that the weekend happens, and I sometimes just work on stuff — plus I think it can be confusing. So here you go.

Anyway, quiet week, but let's go.

Sublime Feed

Thank you to all that have emailed me over the past week. Unexpectedly my post was also featured in the latest Short Ruby Newsletter! Thank you Lucian, that really mean a lot to me ✌️❤️

I've been behind on responding to everyone. Know that I am on the case, with a few more to go.

Your feedback has been amazing to date and I'm going to continue with dev in a week or so.

Right now the biggest problem is fetching feeds and parsing. I switched to using feedjira and that has a few issues that I need to work around. I did write my own custom parser before dropping in feedjira, and I think I might go back to it again — it just gives me a lot of more flexibility. Need to think about this more.

Oh and I fixed an issue that would cause the feed fetching to consume 150% of CPU power — now it's just humming at around a constant 20%. My change was easy, because as usual I was a little too liberal with background jobs. Initially I had a background job for each feed, which I still do, but when posts were returned I started another job to handle those posts (per feed) — and that just caused mayhem... and actually the reason I also ran out of space (because it logged all the "items").

On top of that I changed the fetch interval to every 10 minutes, with a random 5 - 100 second delay between fetches. That works super great and I'm pretty happy.

Another thing I have been thinking about is hosting. Right now I use Hatchbox for deployments, and it's been fantastic! I use it for all my projects. However I am thinking of final giving Kamal a try. Let's see.


Not much here this week except fixing some dark mode stuff... and... the ability to add your categories, as navigation, to your homepage. I think it works pretty well and you can see it in action on the Updates blog. It's a Nitpick setting and can be enabled on the homepage and archive page.

On top of that I also added the ability to show expanded posts on the category page, instead of the previews. That's a category by category setting.

The reason for these changes are that I wanted to simplify a few things, as per my last weeklog, and just wanted an easy way to have it under one roof (like you can see in the updates blog).

Hope you enjoy it.

I have been asked many times for custom CSS support. This is going to make it into Scribbles in the next 2 weeks. I don't yet know how well it'll work with Tailwind (the CSS framework I use), but I'm sure it'll be OK. Watch this space.


Well, we've passed the 1 year anniversary last week 🥳 I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart that has been using it (including if you gave it a try and it wasn't for you). It's slowly approaching 5 million combined recorded page hits across all sites. Mind blowing awesome!

There are so many things I'd like to do, and have been taking it slow — that's on purpose. I've been reading a post as of late on what would make a great analytics tool especially for smaller sites — so that's something I'd like to think about.

Whilst not hitting the spot right now, I did add the ability to filter by a "source" (for subscribers) — so you can find which hits came from which source, for example now I can dig through hits that appeared thanks to the Short Ruby Newsletter (which had a source attached). Hope that's useful to some of you. I'll probably add referrers soon.

As always I have a multitude of things floating in my head and hope to eventually get to them.

Thank you again to all that use it, and also to those that have subscribed (present and past). It means a lot!

Oh and before I move on, I also consolidated the changelog to the main updates blog, just like I did with Scribbles.

I mainly just curated discover and will take a break now. Hope you enjoyed it this week and last.

I finally have a pull request in for some admin changes we've been making so our lives are a little easier.

Let's see what I pick up next — I'd like to work on some minor layout things for the front facing part of MB, although I should be concentrating on some app stuff soon and get these updated.

Other stuff

Ah yes, this again. So I tried getting Gluon to work, but still hit build issues. So will perhaps try again next week, who knows. Also, if you used my Status app, know that the beta has expired. Not yet sure what to do with it or if I keep working on it — I don't want to say too much, but I felt a little alienated at Apple's developer conference this week, so I need to think about some stuff (don't read too much into this though, just a personal feeling really).

Still thinking about some other projects and what to do with them, although now that the personal apps are taking a back seat, it's two things less to think about. I have plans to move another project of mine to a friend (codebase only with NO user data of course) — something I need to spend some time on.

Anyway, looking forward to working on Sublime Feed soon again (within the next 2 weeks).

Thanks for reading and all your nice messages.


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