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Code Challenge - Day 10. There are no events, pricing thoughts and badges.

Yesterday night I sat down on the sofa and started watching Wonder Woman. Great movie! That also meant I didn’t really do anything to help push this along.

It’s just past lunchtime and had a productive morning.

No data

Everything I designed includes data. But we all know that when you first register, there will be no data on any of the pages. Whilst I’m planning to improve on the on-boarding process a little, I decided that I will just show a little bit of information on the dashboard when you first register. On top, when you navigate to ‘My Events’ or ‘My Attendees’ this will also show a info section so you can get creating straight away.

They all look the same with variation of text throughout. Text is not final.

Nothing too exciting. A necessary step though.

Thoughts on pricing

I had the following plan for the app:

  1. $2 per event
  2. 5 or 10 credit package, with an option to auto top-up when low.

I didn’t want to add a subscription model, which automatically takes payment every month. However, I had another think about it… In order not to offer too many options for customers, just to keep things simple, I thought of the following:

  1. Get rid of the $2 per event option.
  2. Keep the 5 credits package, with optional automatic top-up.
  3. Offer a PRO subscription, which automatically renews, that allows unlimited events during subscription.

Although I wasn’t comfortable to take peoples money automatically, I wanted something to offer for larger organisations or perhaps agencies that do this sort of thing for other clients. On top, I want to offer the PRO plan for beta subscribers and contributors.

When you first register, as a normal subscriber, the plan is to give one credit for them to try out. Another thought about the PRO plan is to allow a bit more customisation.

The pricing and billing won’t be in place until I’m close to finishing the app. However, I have a clear picture how I want to handle this, so hopefully won’t require much database work… if I change my mind.

Credit and PRO badges

With the pricing stuff out the way, I worked on showing credits on the page. As usual, this is not final, but close to where I want it.

There is now a little badge on the top right, next to ‘My Account’ that either shows you how many credits you have left or just “PRO”. When credits are low, the idea is that the color here changes from green to red.

On top, there is a dropdown that explains what it is… thought this is necessary not to confuse anyone.

Here are the different states:

PRO level. Enough said.

5 credits left on this one, with a simple explanation. I’ll have to explore some info section when creating an event too.

Uh oh! No credits left so here it turns red.

If you’re running low, I’ll also show a small warning under the ‘My Account’ dropdown… might change my mind on that though.

Next steps

The closer I get to a complete design the more I seem to still have to do… The three big areas I need to concentrate on before the weekend are:

  1. Finish Events details page (multiple pages and designs).
  2. Add event public url page.
  3. Add attendee details page.

Probably more as I go. The billing page I’ll tackle towards the end of the beta as everyone will be PRO during that phase (and stay that way) - however, I’ll give anyone the option to buy credits or subscribe to support me (won’t push it though and will be totally optional with no hard feelings at all).

Anyway, with those 3 areas done I think I have done enough to move along to app build. Quite excited about that. Still aiming for the weekend…

Links to the design points:

Throughout you’ll be able to see the badges too, but for specific ones:

I wrote this article mainly for myself to follow along when I look back at it at some stage. If you like to contribute, please email me or let me know via There is also the Simple Schedule holding site where you can sign up for a beta.

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