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I know people are knee jerking again about some company letting go of people…

I worked for a boss many many years ago, gave everyone a pay cut, and the next day he rolled up in an R8 and I got a Christmas bonus of £100 that year (where I then was made redundant).

5 months severance is great.

This playlist caught my eye, because he has the same posture as me when I’m working and am frustrated. Mainly client work frustration, but very relatable.

🎵 Daniel Avery: Chill Playlist on Apple Music

Oh no, tomorrow I have to be in a meeting with a client of a client and they use MS Teams. Such garbage corporate shite. Next year I will say “no more client work”!

The Apple Music experience… “Connecting”.

Ok, testing something else now…

Testing something… so please just ignore… or reply!

My wife left me a sticky note on my desk saying: “Hoover tomorrow…”

Everyday I look at it and it still says “tomorrow”. What the heck am I supposed to do?

I promise I only OPENED the beer, had one swig and I bought 2 domain names.

Happy Friday folks. Enjoying a small beer whilst sitting and being “on-call” for a client. Have a nice one ✌️❤️

Temporarily “have” to stay subscribed to Apple One. The wife wants to watch Slow Horses and that monster one. And we got a Sonos Beam to replace the HomePod (the pod now living in the bedroom)… but… Sonos voice control doesn’t work with Spotify (for now).

Plus trying to convert her to use the phone to select music isn’t going well. Need to wait a little.

Sonos is happy to play her playlist and requests, plus the HomePod just works (now that I’ve reset it).

Our daughter is happy either way. She got Spotify instantly. Because I use it a lot and prefer it, I’ll of course keep the subscription… so now I pay more in general 🤣

Just seen the “Space” Black MacBook Pro. Looks great that. Still can’t get past that notch 😭 The menu bar is SO big 😕

Officially it’s my last day of curating Discover. It was fun for sure, but it’s not for me. Saying that, I’ll be curating until everything is back to normal and to cover when needed.

Thank you all for putting up with it haha. And yes, a lot of restraint was needed!


I need to pee, but don’t want to stand up because my back is totally dead. And my teeth hurt, because I was at the dentist on Tuesday. Thankful for the days where I am fit & healthy. Can’t wait to finally ride this out.

Today I am burning bridges ✌️

🎵 And a cup full of coffee makes the day go down, the day go down, the day go down.

Ok terrible. But that was my thought as I was pouring coffee. I used to love that movie so much as a kid. I think I wore out the tape.