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Code Challenge - Day 11. New logo, further changes to event details and a tiny tweak.

They say that design is never actually done… or that is what it feels like. Even though I’m counting the days I’m working on this project, it feels like many months in the work, finding more and more areas I haven't thought about.

I am happy with the way things are going though which, to be honest, is surprising me considering some strange health events with family and on top loosing my biggest client that provided a large proportion of my income (nothing I did). Was out the blue as a happy new year kind of thing. Life is interesting for sure!

I was actually planning to diversify income end of last year… but it seems I was not thinking about it early enough.

Anyway, moving swiftly on! (I feel better just by writing the above)

A new logo

This morning I sat down and worked on a new logo. It’s nothing concrete and will change. So here it is…

Nothing eye popping but far better what I had… The idea is to use the double S on smaller screens and the favicon. Perhaps I’ll stick to the double S in the header area too, no matter the size.

Anyway, just experimenting. I am no brand or logo designer…

I used Sketch, a pretty snazzy app! In fact, I have an iOS app completely designed in it… which I’ll hopefully work on after this project is live (not related).

Also, Eddie Hinkle over at mentioned the below:

Looks interesting! just a thought (this might look horrible) what if you changed the kerning (the empty space between the letters) so that the h and m still connect but also the d and the L connect as well.

I've added that to my todo list to try out. Thanks Eddie!

Event Details - Attendees & Search

For this one, I had the page open and looked at it for at least an hour. Clicking around… trying to figure out how it might work best. This is something you couldn’t really do with an image of the design… ok, maybe you can… but you know what I mean. There is always added value when you can click around and work out what seems natural. Then again… it really requires testing and feedback from a wider audience to really nail it.

I wasn’t sure if I needed an 'all attendees' page, but decided it would be for the best. However, I have a search and filter on both the events details page (the first page you see when clicking on an event) and on the all attendees page.

The all attendee page might show just a bit too much information for my liking, but I’ll stick to it for now and let beta users decide.

You can see the hidden “description” of the event on the All Attendees page for the event. Don’t really need it there. I may also remove the date and just keep a few more “actions” at the top.

For a multi day event, you’ll have a dropdown with dates - for filtering purpose. Every attendee will also show which date they are booked in on. This will eventually also allow time slots to be added. Something I’ll work on closer to launch I hope.

With a search in place, you can also clear the filter which shows you all results again.

Hey… new logo right there!

One more notable thing here is that I also hide the “Edit” and “Public URL” link at the top right. I might add them, but don’t want to throw too many options at people.

Tweaks and next steps

If you’ve noticed… the background grey is slightly lighter…

Next step is to work on the attendee detail page for an event, this will include some controls to remove them, change details and/or change the event date for multi day events. With that done, I can re-use pretty much that and use it for the ‘My attendees’ section… hopefully. That should be the last of the pages that need doing.

Depending how it goes tomorrow (today… as it’s approaching 01:20 AM), I’m hopefully going to be in a position to start the actual codebase. I’m pretty excited about that!

Another thing I’ll work on separately is the public facing section for events. I didn’t have any visions on how that should look just yet… although minimalism is going to be a must for this one.

Oh... and I forgot the links for the pages:

I wrote this article mainly for myself to follow along when I look back at it at some stage. If you like to contribute, please email me or let me know via There is also the Simple Schedule holding site where you can sign up for a beta.

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