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Code Challenge - Day 12. Final frontend stretch.

Didn’t think I would be here on day 12 with a near complete frontend built out… I have never done anything like it. 40 commits in the repo so far (I don’t commit too much for frontend… although I ought to).

The main area of focus today was finishing off the Attendee detail view for both attendees and for the event detail view.

I’m having conflicting thoughts on how to best handle this, but I’m sure I will gain a better insight once I have something working with real data.

At this stage, the frontend is at around 95% done… perhaps 90%. I am prepared for, and am expecting, changes to occur between now and launch. Nothing is ever really done anyway. It will evolve and I’m actually looking forward to get requests and tweaks in.

I didn’t touch on specific time booking slots yet, but will get to this in a few weeks hopefully. It’s something I want to launch with, but let’s see how that goes.

Event Booking Details

Not sure on this one and not 100% convinced it is as clear as it can be. I wanted a simple overview for the attendee and the booking, which displays the name, email and event date for the individual. On top, there is an email link there… might be useful to email someone.

This page is actually a form element and should be editable, just to avoid many different screens and logic. Hitting the “Edit details” button will reveal a nice area for you to save changes. Check it out, quite happy about the way that works (for the next 24 hours).

And then the “edit” part:

It’ll actually focus on the first input too, so you can get right to it.

Link for this page:

Add an attendee to an event

I also wanted the ability to add an attendee, new or existing, to an event. This is what I came up with:

The idea here is to search for anyone already on your list via an AJAX (or similar) call as you type. I was thinking of presenting a search box and give you the option to search… but I think combining it to just the first box would work quite well. I didn’t make that work on the frontend! Plan is to try and find someone on the list and then offer to pre-fill the data, or just create a new attendee. Simples… (ha!)


My Attendee Detail

Taking a similar style as above I basically replicated the detail screen and also added a list view of the events they are or have been part of.

The “Amend” will take you straight back to the events section where you can make the edit. Don’t want to overcomplicate it. I’ll have to think about a way to return to the correct section once saved though.


The road ahead

With my first milestone out the way, it’s my plan to get the actual app coded. I am having a “Vincent” moment with deciding on the code base yet again. This always happens to me. I really want to nail a full Ruby on Rails app… but again, I also want to nail a ASP.NET Core app.

I’m edging closer to Rails… because it is something I wanted to do since last year… I’ve done my fair share of ASP.NET apps in the past.

I want to learn and have fun, so I’ll take that into account.

Anyway, the plan is to probably have the weekend to experiment with… something… then make a decision by Sunday night and get on with it. That will leave me 17 days to get close to a beta. That would also bring the project to ~29 days for end of Jan. I tend to count the days I’m working on it, so I hope I am still on track for most part of it.

There are many many many tweaks I still like to do on the frontend, like lists display and other little things that bug me. Oh... forgot to mention there is now a footer too. Another thing to note is that I'm yet to work on the 'public' view of the events, where people can sign up. It's sketched out in my head.

So… Ruby on Rails or ASP.NET Core? HAHA! (My friend Chris takes the flack of these dilemmas! Sorry Chris...)

I wrote this article mainly for myself to follow along when I look back at it at some stage. If you like to contribute, please email me or let me know via There is also the Simple Schedule holding site where you can sign up for a beta.

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