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Gluon for

An app for both iOS and Android, built on React Native, for

Gluon is a highly opinionated, but customisable, cross platform app for Android and iOS for

If you’d like to find out more, please visit the Gluon website. Or keep scrolling to read the development blog.

With Gluon, you can do the following:

* Posting is available for hosted sites only. Posting to third-party blogs is coming soon.

Project posts


One more screenshot from the new Gluon… started styling the timeline items. Still need to figure out what the best practice is for HTML content in Swift/SwiftUI… Anyway, happy with how natural it felt to build it:

Talking about state management in SwiftUI… here is the beginning of the “Theme” logic for accent colours in Gluon. Works like magic and it’s QUICK.

Just of note… there will be no new features for the current version of Gluon on iOS/iPadOS, except the 2020.5 update of course.

I’m converting it all for the Apple’verse… and that’s going to be my primary focus for the next few months.

Android is unaffected by this!

Just released version 2020.5 (Build 8) to all TestFlight users for Gluon. Adds the ability to choose the site you’re posting to when you have more than one. It’s been requested a few times. Instructions in the test notes 😊

Mutli-sites for Gluon coming to TestFlight today! Just select it on the Posting screen or the “More” settings. Only applies if you have more than one! Tap the squares to see the list and then tap to select. Enjoy ✌️

Ooo, didn’t know you can have multiple toolbars open in Gluon!

I’m going to call that a FEATURE!

Did someone say setting a “default site” in Gluon, for when you have multiple sites? Well… well…

Starting to feel a bit more at home with SwiftUI. Managed to do a bit of state handling, for testing themes (worked great!). Next to figure out is how to best display timeline HTML that looks and works nice. I’d like a native view (Text, Image, Link etc).

Just want to give a HUGE THANK YOU 🥰 to every single one of you that has bought me a “coffee” or a t-shirt with Gluon’s logo. The coffee option has been amazing and I really want to thank you for the support! 🖖

Humble beginnings… again 😅

Does anyone have experience with having a second app, for dev purpose only, available via TestFlight?

I’m creating a dev version of Gluon for the rebuild as I want to avoid interruption to any bug fixes to the current live app. Is it frowned upon by Apple?

Yes… totally made a start on the new “Apple’verse" version of Gluon!

For anyone that does donate towards Gluon, I’ll make sure to unlock any “one-time” in-app purchases for when the time comes. Got you covered 😄

A lot of people have asked to support Gluon’s development. Whilst I’m going to be implementing In-App Purchases for the new version, I have set up a “Buy Me A Coffee” page.

I’ll be writing a dedicated blog post later this week about ways to support development (and me) 😃