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Gluon for

An app for both iOS and Android, built on React Native, for

Gluon is a highly opinionated, but customisable, cross platform app for iOS and Android for

If you’d like to find out more, please visit the Gluon website. Or keep scrolling to read the development blog.

With Gluon, you can do the following:

* Posting is available for hosted sites only. Posting to third-party blogs is coming soon.

Project posts

Gluon for iOS, 2020.3, was rejected by Apple... because... drumroll... the website includes the Google Play Store download link and references to Android.

Here we go. Now I can sit back and wait.

One last build to upload for Gluon, to fix a small issue, and then it’s off for review with Apple. Hope to start 2020.4 next week after 2020.3 is out on both iOS and Android.

For anyone that listened to my podcast, I mentioned cutting a few features from the Gluon 2020.3 release. This is mainly because I’m pretty happy with how much I’ve added and fixed the past few weeks. Now I can slowly focus on 2020.4, which will go through a similar timeline.

So, just pushed out both iOS and Android beta builds (build 19) for Gluon 2020.3. I’ll do a bigger write up tomorrow about what to expect. However, I’m going to leave it now for a week before I push it out to Apple Review (and press submit on Google Play 😋).

Pushed out build 19 for Gluon, on iOS, to all you TestFlight peeps. This one adds a category selector for new posts. Here are some screenshots:

Now to adding a new one:

And now some that are selected:

One of the things I love about using React Native is that I can code for both platforms at the same time, using pretty much 95% of the same code. Here I’m adding category select, and adding, to Gluon using 100% the same code.

Working on a simple category selector for Gluon at the moment. Tap the tag icon and it pops up the list of previously used tags. Selecting will show it as selected and a small counter to indicate how many you have selected.

Just working on showing the post you’re replying to on the reply screen on Gluon. It scrolls, so if it’s long you can see everything.

Pushed out yet another TestFlight build for Gluon. The main item is auto-suggestion for usernames. Just start typing with an “@“ and then the username. It will update the reply toolbar with any matching users in the conversation or your following list. Tap to insert. Simple.

Just pushed out a small update, on TestFlight, to Gluon that adds yet another “nitpick” setting allowing you to auto-hide the post title bar, until you reach 280 characters.

Also tweaked the layout of the compose screen for posts - I’m hoping it will solve layout issues.

Adding a few extra “Nitpicky” settings in the next Gluon build.

And that concludes testing on Gluon. If you’re interested, I was working on the timeline feed… and this (hint: “New” indicator):

Comes in your accent colour of choice!

And if it get’s busy up there, you can still see it:

Going to be talking between @gluon and myself. So please excuse us.

Slowly starting to style and populate the documentation section for Gluon. Hopefully it will be useful to some. Hoping I’ll have it ready in the next few weeks.