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Code Challenge - Day 14 & 15. Blog post thoughts, passwords and learning.

Yes, Day 14 and 15 all at once... What have I been up to is a good question. A lot, but not much at the same time.


I’ve been learning a great deal about Rails over the course of last week, yesterday and today. I picked up a great book early last year, Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. Everywhere you go it always seems to be recommended. How right everyone has been!

I’ve been exposed to Ruby with Jekyll for many years and always wanted to build an app on Rails with it. It truly is a beautiful language. Something sublime about it!

Building an app takes some basic knowledge of what you’re building on top (the framework), so I’m super happy that I took the time to work through these exercises. As it’s quite ambitious I wanted to get my feet wet with the book and actually just get through it.


Every time I think about passwords I shrug. Sure, things get easier with password managers like 1Password. So I’m not sure if I should offer password creation during registration or just rely on “magic” login links for the time being.

Looking around, people seem to prefer one or the other and there is no clear cut answer of what to use.

Using passwords is easy and so should be magic links. I would log the user in regardless and set a long cookie so you wouldn’t have to worry about it too much.

My conclusion is that I’ll probably offer magic links for the start and then look at passwords down the road… although… quite easy to implement. I just want to keep it simple, so I need to find the right balance.

I’ve been looking at for inspiration and that seems to be using passwords.

You can see my internal struggle…

Blog post thoughts

If you’re following Brent Simmons via or his website, he’s doing an amazing job for keeping a diary for Evergreen. I feel inspired by this and would like to try something similar for Simple Schedule as I build out the app. I have a feeling that writing a blog post every day will take up a lot of time. There needs to be a balance of sharing and meaningful progress. Hope I can balance that.

Closing notes

Heroku is set up and running, dev urls are there and I am ready to begin to get going.

I wrote this article mainly for myself to follow along when I look back at it at some stage. If you like to contribute, please email me or let me know via There is also the Simple Schedule holding site where you can sign up for a beta.

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