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A medium to share, create and talk.

Podcasting is another interesting medium for me to share what I’m up to. So I’m pretty excited to get these out to you. As time passes I’ll probably find my groove and go from there. Enjoy.

Abstract Development

A personal journal where I talk about things I’m working on, the up and downs of freelancing and finding more independence.


Little Mindfulness

The "do nothing" podcast designed to take small breaks because a little mindfulness goes a long way.


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πŸŽ™ #39 - Mojo.

Abstract Development

Welcome to another episode. Sponsored by... Hemispheric Views... no, just kidding.

School holidays are finished, so I'm trying to find my mojo again... always a little difficult when you have your kid at home. for Android app is getting close to finish, which means I can work on the iOS portion of it (slowly). Looking forward to it.

Taking into account the state of the app, I will continue working on Gluon with the same codebase. And yes, it's React Native.

Sublime Ads upload forms... but wait... I kinda lost it and decided to work on smaller features. Trying to keep the momentum moving and help my productivity.

Oh and some changes to the podcast perhaps. Maybe I will start sponsorships.

Oh and is happening on March 11th.

Note: This recording sounds a little weird... seems I enabled "stereo" recording for some reason.

Recorded March, 1st 2022.


Duration: 00:09:36

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πŸŽ™ #38 - Torn.

Abstract Development

Wait… this is not episode 36… it’s 38.

Ah yes, the world is an interesting place... and so is developing for the big bullies with native apps. So I am torn if I should continue with it. Is it worth it? Probably not...

"Safetyism"... no thank you!

I move onto working on the for Android app and enjoying working with Manton on it.

I reveal my word of the year...

To finish I give a quick update on Sublime Ads, now that we passed 1 year since launch.

Oh and we have a bit of ambient sound of rain in the background, so if I sound weird... it was raining in my podcast studio.

Thanks for listening.

Recorded February, 7th 2022.


Duration: 00:15:12

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πŸŽ™ #37 - Let's get this year started.

Abstract Development

Ah yes, it's the new year. The year of possibility and perhaps for people to start liking each other again? (please). Oh wait, this is not what I'm talking about.

I touch on the official app, for Android, I am working... and how happy I am with it. Will it replace Gluon? I don't know.

Sublime Ads turns one year old (from the public release). It makes zero money right now, but that's fine with me.

Then we go deep into my brain about Gluon... nah, not really... but I also mention it and my plan for that. No promises.

Then I start rambling about new years resolutions, nature, frogs mating and living in a sandwich.

Happy New Year everyone ✌️❀️

Recorded January, 3rd 2022.


Duration: 00:08:29

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πŸŽ™ #36 - How I Podcast.

Abstract Development

I share how I podcast in this mini episode. You'd think I had it all figured out.

Also have problems saying the number 36. Blame the lack of liquid (coffee).

Recorded December, 7th 2021.


Duration: 00:05:24

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πŸŽ™ #35 - Don't let anyone get in the way.

Abstract Development

Sharing is caring, right? Yeah. I had some bad interaction with someone which brought me down.

I was put off from sharing more and just staying quiet... do what I do.

But it didn't feel right, after all, no one should make me feel that way.

A short episode to talk about that.

Recorded December, 6th 2021.

Duration: 00:04:00

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πŸŽ™ #34 - I was in a weird place

Abstract Development

Yes, here I am again after some months of downtime. And yes, I probably get all the months wrong in the episode.

A quick update on my relationship with, what I'm working on... and the lack of updates - thank you screenshot crash on Android.

Diving into hybrid app development... liking it.

I realised that recording at home is somewhat difficult. So I'm back in the car with my trusty phone and terrible acoustics.

Our daughter started school, so it's all new to us. Spending loads of money.

My reasoning for not recording, getting into a weird spot. Embracing the colder climate and days.

I tease my winter plan for Sublime Ads and all the things I am working on.

Recorded November, 16th 2021.


Duration: 00:09:35

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πŸŽ™ #33 - Welcoming

Abstract Development

Ah yes, I finally reveal what I wanted to reveal. So here it is.

Looking forward to this relationship so much and can't wait to work on it more and more.

And don’t worry, Gluon is staying with me!

Recorded July 20th, 2021.


Duration: 00:06:47

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πŸŽ™ #32 - Just can't get anything done.

Abstract Development

It's been nice and warm, but that means my brain just doesn't work. So, it's been a bit of a slow week.

Trying to reset my mind by trying to go away for the weekend.

I tease some new client venture... but not telling you just yet even though we all know about it already I guess haha.

More promoted content in Gluon and how I am not managing that. Trying to keep it fresh.

Sublime Ads had a little outage... which is incredibly shocking. And nope, I didn't work on it - didn't even take my laptop to my remote work location (but I didn't know that when I recorded).

Recorded July 15th, 2021.


Duration: 00:06:55

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πŸŽ™ #31 - Reflecting.

Abstract Development

We drove to the Masurian Lake District in Poland for a short holiday, which was really amazing... except the place we stayed at. At least our daughter had a great time!

On the drive I had much time to reflect on what I want to do next and how I approach things.

Oh and phones just rub me the wrong way.

Side track a little on playing games, or how I don't.

I hint at Gluon's future... and perhaps another side project to do with (a simple app for replying). Should I uninstall it?

Discord... hmmm, no thanks. So I'll be closing it down for Gluon, email is the way!

I talk about my other in progress app that I never work on... Status for

And then something AMAZING happened, but I won't talk about it yet.

A tiny update on Sublime Ads and what I want to add to ads. Switching the Status page to

OH and a super massive sorry for cutting the ending a little. I was disturbed, things were said... I was sad... feelings were hurt (for me). WHAT CAN YOU DO?

Recorded July 9th, 2021.


Duration: 00:13:28

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πŸŽ™ #30 - Managing time... not.

Abstract Development

This is episode 30, which means... nothing really. However, I did get myself a dedicated microphone. So this is the first test for that. Don't mind the fan noise... it's keeping me cool!

Then I ramble on about some client work that didn't go so well, but we all moved on and made things better.

Which brings me to a segment on how I manage my time, or don't actually. Yes, I'm weird... but it works for me. Perhaps it'll work for you.

And no... no "watch buzz" was heard!

Recorded using the Blue Yeti X, without reading the manual, using GarageBand. Exported to WAV and edited in Fission.

Recorded June 21st, 2021.


Duration: 00:09:41

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